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Since it's beginnings in 2008 the Dressage club has been through a number of changes. The Club is open to any Riding School Clients or liveries of Aldersbrook Stables who want to participate in competitions or improve their riding skills. Today many of the members take part in the British Dressage's inter-dressage competitions where a specific test is ridden in the arena and recorded and sent off for marking by BD's affiliated judges. The marked test sheet is then returned to the rider where it can be analysed, compared and practised. This enables riders to complete at the level they require rather than to compete at the level of the majority. Prior to the test being recorded practise sessions can be booked or lessons taken practising and analysing the individual movements.

In addition to interdressage competition the Riding School also holds competitions usually on a Friday night or Bank Holidays for the adults and during the school holidays for the juniors. These competitions usually consist of an introductory level (no canter) and a preliminary level test. Riders can compete at either or both levels. Other tests such as novice or specific preliminary tests can also be requested and will be held as long as there is sufficient demand.The Riding School will also organise any demonstrations or lectures that are requested.

In the three or four weeks leading up to these events practise dressage sessions can be booked at a costs of £5 a head for a short run through with help where necessary. Intensive riding tuition can also be booked where more help is required or private or group lessons can be geared towards dressage tests where there is a demand. Any lessons can be booked with the riding school instructors as required.

On the day of the competition although the Riding School staff do carry out all the tasks required help is always appreciated prticularly with calling out the tests, checking the scores,writing for the judge or preparing the arena. Speak to Julie or Chris if you would like to help with this.

The next competition is on Friday 28th October at 4.30pm for juniors and 6pm for seniors. The tests will be Introdutory B and preliminary 12 for the seniors and introductory A and preliminary 7 for the seniors.

Entry Forms must be in by the Friday preceding the Competition and Competitors need to ring Julie at specified times on the Wednesday evening during the week of the competition in order to get their times.

Whilst the Dressage group do have their own Club Treasurer and Secretary, riders wishing to join should contact Julie Baker in the first instance to ensure that they are eligible.

Aldersbrook Riding School and Aldersbrook Livery Stables
Empress Avenue, London E12 5HW
Tel: 020 8530 4648
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